Your Companion on the journey to healthier and more productive work.

Imagine setting your Productyve timer with 30-minute work intervals, then short relaxation breaks. During dedicated eye-care breaks, you'll get reminders to look away from your screen and to get up and exercise. Again this sounds simple but sometimes the only thing we need is a simple reminder.

What, How and Why

What is Productyve

Productyve is a customizable productivity tool designed to prioritize both work efficiency and personal well-being.


Customizable Work Sessions

Set work, short break, blink, exercise and dedicated eye care intervals to lengths that perfectly suit your needs. Productyve's flexibility allows you to find your optimal rhythm.

Eye Care Guidance

Get subtle reminders and practice proven techniques like the 20-20-20 rule, reducing eye strain and protecting your long-term vision.

Blink Reminders

Get subtle reminders to blink more often, reducing the risk of dry eyes and eye strain.

Exercise Reminders

Get subtle reminders to physically exercise, such as getting up, stretching, or moving around. These reminders help reduce overall body strain and promote well-being during prolonged computer usage and study sessions.

Tracking and Analytics

Monitor your work/break time, eye care, blink and exercise reminders, using tracking and analytics features

Resources and Tips

Access educational materials, tips, and best practices for maintaining eye health during computer usage and study sessions.

Best Timer for your health

Features designed for you

We tried to select the best set of features to help you to be more productive and healthy.


Our goal is to help you to be more productive and healthy


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Track your work and break time to improve your productivity (Coming Soon)


Visul and sound notifications to remind you to take a break